Our Caviar Atom is a direct representation of life.

We are all made up of atoms: protons, electrons, and neutrons. Everything that we touch, feel, see, hear, taste, and smell is made up of these small, powerful particles. They are everywhere and virtually represent every facet of life. And because they are everywhere and connected to each other, so are we. All of us are emitting energy and vibrations that must be used in an appropriate manner. We as humans have our own electromagnetic fields, and our energy flows out amongst everything and everyone that we come in contact with. Even our thoughts are electromagnetic impulses that radiate out of our heads and control our destiny. As a result, controlling your mind to think positively will influence your body to produce positive energy. This, in turn, produces positive results in your life, and your surrounding positive energy will then spread to those around you. You will virtually attract what you think about the most. Consistently, consciously, and repetitiously see yourself living in abundant happiness, and you will attract it. 

The foundation of everything that we are begins with an atom and a thought. Protons represent positive energy and electrons represent negative energy. Both are essential to the balance of life. Become the architect of your own life and take control by using the frequency and vibrations of your own thoughts.

Continue to Stay Positive. It's Imperative & Contagious. #spreadthePos x #positivelycaviar

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