For The Culture Radio Exclusive Feature

Check out a new project our good friend has just recently released. This project is waves in the making. 


For The Culture Radio is a weekly online radio show created to bridge the gap between mainstream and underground hip-hop culture. FTC Radio curates diverse musical selections ranging from hip hop, R&B, old school and soul. FTC prides itself on providing a well-balanced mix of sounds new and lost, insightful interviews from everyday people, and live event coverage. FTC plans on creating an interactive community and artistic platform of devoted listeners and providing them with a space to connect over music and shared experiences that mainstream radio shows do not provide and addressing issues that affect our community. For The Culture Radio plans to be premier source for music and interview content for urban millennials.  Radio For The People. Radio for the Culture. 

-Curated & Hosted by @JHerTe in cohorts w/ @FTCRadio_

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Motivational Sounds

"I love living I think that's infectious. It's something that you can't fake" - Will Smith


Positive Sounds

Life is Good, So Should Your Music Pt. 2. ENJOY & celebrate life!

-Curated by Chazz Scott

Recent success of names like Bryson Tiller and well-known Drake have mastered the craft of blending r&b influences with mild rhythmic syncopation. This playlist extends from their sounds and may introduce you to new up and coming artists. VIBE.

-Curated by the Chazz Scott


Dance. Feel good. LIVE life. After all, that's what life is really all about, right?

-Curated by Chazz Scott