Positively Caviar, Inc. (PCI) is a grassroots nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization focused on instilling mental resilience by way of positive thinking and optimism. We rely on positive digital media, high-intensity speaking engagements, and our signature B.U.I.L.D. Self-Empowerment workshops.

We bridge the gap between practical science and popular culture to amplify our audiences’ minds towards a healthy and purposeful positive lifestyle.

We work with youth organizations, non-profits, and mental health clinics with the hopes of instilling mental resilience by way of positive thinking techniques and strategies.

We only have one life and we must live it to its greatest potential. The positive energy lies within you to change the trajectory of your life, the people around you, and even future generations to come, are you ready? 

Continue to Stay Positive. It's Imperative & Contagious. #PositivelyCaviar


PCI’s mission is to instill mental resilience, equip minds with knowledge, and empower lives to overcome adversity.

The synergy starts here. Every atom has a Nucleus, meet ours!