Right Where You Should Be

Much like the nucleus symbol that represents our company and the connectivity of atoms in life, our world is connected through the people that inhabit it and the actions in which they do. Every action has a reaction, and everything has a purpose. There is no wrong place for anyone in this world and everyone is here for a reason, no matter how small or how significant.
For everyone going through a transition phase, whether it be graduating college, trying to find a job, etc, it can be tough. There is a lot of pressure to find out exactly what you should be doing and where you want to take your life. Not only that but figuring out how you want to contribute your part to the world with your career.
You need not worry about making a huge impact on the world, finding the cure for cancer, making a lot of money, or having a hugely successful life. What you will do is change people's live. Live your life as a good person, be kind to those around you, take care of the ones important to you, and your actions will leave an impact and make a difference, as is it meant to.

Everyone has a place in the world and a role to play, and yours will come, so don’t worry about how you will get there, you will.

Right Where You Should Be
By: Austin Tran, 2016