Operation: #BeLikeCam

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Many of you have heard of Cam Newton and his recent success over the past couple of months. Although the Panthers did not pull through last night with the Super Bowl win, their sensational success cannot be overlooked. His accomplishments, enthusiastic touchdown celebrations, and his personality certainly makes him a huge target to his supports and haters. But there is something very different about this NFC Champion quarterback. Cam Newton is one of the few people in his position that has mastered the Law of Attraction

Cam Newton is truly living his dreams while exhibiting true happiness during his success and even failures. Whether you hate him or love him his happiness is something that most of us cannot seem to overlook. Displaying true happiness is infectious, especially someone in his position. Don't believe me? Check out a couple of recent tweets about him:

@sincerlyjulia- "Cam Newton's happiness make me happy." 

@tay_tyre- "Cam Newton's face makes me melt into a puddle of happiness"

@Readingtheend- "Cam Newton's happiness could not be more infectious." 

@Jacobfisher95- "I'm tryna live life life with the happiness that Cam Newton plays football with"

@_bradlington- "Cam Newton is the level of happiness I try to achieve on daily basis" 

As you go about your daily life, continue to appreciate what you have and what you are striving for. Life is all about having fun and living in the moment, just ask Cam! Continue to display happiness because you never know who's watching. Happiness is infectious. Your happiness could very well bring happiness to others that you associate yourself with and you may not even know it, just like Cam Newton!

Operation: #BeLikeCam

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