Are you ‘Harlem Shaking Through the Pressure’?

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Our lives are never going to be consistent. Every time it seems like we have life all figured out, that’s when it likes to wake us up again. The ups and downs of life are really what life is all about. It’s a rollercoaster of excitement, breakthroughs, discomfort, and disappointments. If life was a slow moving consistent train, none of us would really enjoy the ups in life simply because we have never experienced the downs. We would naturally take the ups in our lives for granted. Life is not meant to be consistent. Being truly grateful of these moments is the real key because as history has proven to us, nothing ever lasts anyway.

Every time the pressure or discomfort arises try taking a step back and savoring these precious moments in your life. This may seem nonsensical or backwards but these critical moments really make us understand what life is really all about. These precious moments literally make us feel alive. Popular music icon Drake, recently said a simple but impactful (depending on how you take it) line in ‘Digital Dash’ by saying “I’m Harlem Shaking Through the Pressure.” The discomfort, the disappointments, the pressure, and the sadness never last, so you might as well dance your way through it and be grateful.


Harlem Shake your way through the pressure, disappointments, and discomfort in your life because they never really last anyway.


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