Believe in Yourself & Create Your Dreams

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I hope everyone is having a great start to their week. I was inspired while sitting in church to write this excerpt below:


Everyone Believes In Something. 

The thought of something better coming into our future is what wakes us up out of our bed each morning. Faith, belief, religion, meditation, prayer, are all practices that have been utilized for hundreds of years. And it’s no question that all of them are useful in our lives, depending on how you were raised or your religion. 

A belief and a positive mindset has proven that we can virtually overcome any challenge that we set our mind to. Look at history. The greatest minds in the world didn’t overcome their obstacles by having a negative mindset. Look at the 4-minute mile, people thought it was impossible and now everyday people can achieve it [1]. This is because someone had the belief and desire that they could realistically turn their dreams into reality. It only takes one person to believe in themselves, then they will have the opportunity to inspire others as well.

Take a look around you: the roof over your head, the Apple or Android product that you’re using, the shirt that you’re wearing, the fork and knife that you use, the lightbulb that you turn on, and the car that you drive—all of it was a creation based off of someone’s ideas & dreams. They had the simple belief and a positive mindset that nothing would stop them from achieving their goals. Why? Because they wholeheartedly believed in themselves. Now we literally use, what was once someone else’s dream, in our everyday lives.

Nobody has ever accomplished anything in their life without belief, faith, or a positive outlook on their life. If you don’t utilize what has already been proven time and time again, you will never accomplish the things that you want in your life. 

We all believe in something—whether you’re Black, White, Asian, Catholic, Hispanic, Native American, Indian, Jewish or LGBT. Belief is what drives our human souls each and every day.

Continue to believe. Your goals will be achieved. Take a look around you... history has already proven this.


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