Drown Yourself in Uncomfortable Situations


Every uncomfortable situation you have ever been through will always make you a stronger person. 


When living life, it is imperative to try new things: jump, fall, fight, create, love. Live extreme and push every boundary that you have ever conceived in your mind. Why? Simply because you will have no other time to do so. Life can certainly move fast as you get older but it can move even faster if you are continually living a comfortable & consistent life. We must build up enough courage, strength, and heart to overcome situations in our lives that we would normally shy away from. Otherwise, year after year you will still be in the same position that you were in time and time again.



Next time you find yourself in an uncomfortable position or situation in your life ask yourself: what’s the worse thing that could happen if I truly embraced this moment? Ask yourself: What am I truly afraid of? Stop, think, & you will always overcome!


The moments that take your breath away are the moments that really count in your life. All of these moments in your life have made you into the person that you are today. So continue growing and continue to drown yourself in uncomfortable situations.


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