Less Is More

I would like to share a lesson with you I learned this past week. As I was out shopping I noticed I was trying to find happiness in the purchases I was making. I thought to myself if I could just buy one more item that would then make me a little more happier. I was trying to continuously reach for an emotion that couldn't be achieved by the action I was ultimately making. The anticipation of the purchase made me happy, but after checking out that excitement and emotion would vanish. I was wrong in that sense, buying those items didn't make me happy. I then realized sometimes we believe materialistic things like shoes, clothes, and bags can make us genuinely happy and give meaning to our lives but it's not true. It's the friendshipsadventures, and experiences we make that bring us happiness. As you continue your day ask yourself this question...Do I place happiness into materialistic purchases? If the answer is yes, ask yourself why?  Surround yourself with people who make you happy. Do activities like going to the aquarium, playing basketball, or trying something you've been wanting to try. Then do something kind for someone you love. That always brings happiness to my heart.  

By: Shayma Sulaiman