Maintaining Your Mental Strength

Maintaining your mental strength is an everyday mission for all of us. Here is a quick thought that came to me while I was in the gym.

Your mental strength is just as, if not, more important than your physical strength. Each time you go to the gym and focus on a specific muscle, you are training that body part to become stronger. Once you do enough research on your body and you master consistency, you eventually began to see results. You will never see any guaranteed results until your body goes through discomfort and even occasionally pain. Once you fight through the pain to finish that very last repetition, you will start to notice growth and results.
The same goes for our mental strength, our brains!
I like to think of life as hundreds of millions of repetitions. Each setback, loss, fear, and discomfort that you might feel or think every day is considered a repetition to exercise our most powerful muscle—our brains. Each time you build up enough courage and confidence within yourself to overcome each repetition, you become more resilient. You began to see growth in yourself and in your abilities because of the intense pressure you had to fight through. Next time you feel like you’re not enough, next time you fear the unknown, next time you feel uncomfortable, next time you start comparing yourself to someone else, next time you feel like you don’t know how you’re going to make it—remind yourself that this is just another repetition that you will eventually push through. With each push, your mental strength becomes more resilient and packed with character that no one can ever take from you. Each time you overcome a fear or struggle, you will slowly begin to see growth in your life.
Every time your back is against the wall, think of life as another repetition in the gym. Remember each setback, fear, loss, discomfort, and negative thought is a repetition for your brain to become stronger and more resilient. Eventually, you will be unstoppable.

Trust your journey but more importantly, trust yourself.

-Chazz Scott