Today I Affirm


Affirmations have the ability to program our minds into believing the stated concept. They can have a profound effect on our attitude and outlook. It’s best to stay away from negative self-talk and be mindful of how you speak to yourself.  Below is an affirmation for you to say out loud. Keep in mind we all have different goals and dreams so please feel free to alter and fill in the blanks with what best suits you. This is totally about you and your journey.

“I am an extremely strong ___________. I have been through so much but I continue to stand tall and confident. I will persistently fight for what I believe in because it's important to me.  I will continue to work towards my goals because one day I see myself as a _____________. I believe in myself and my abilities to do good because when I put good into the world it comes back ten fold." 

-Shayma S. Sulaiman