Build Your Bounce Back Game

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You may ask what your bounce back game is. To bounce back, is your ability to deal with difficult situations. Feeling lost, not getting the job you wanted, someone telling you no you’re not able, or even hurdles in daily life are all examples of challenging life experiences. Think about all the times someone has told you NO in your lifetime and how many times you’ve defied what that person has told you. YOU ARE RESILIENT. You have the ability to be flexible and bounce back. You can’t let life get you down; there will be too many negative opportunities for that. There will always setbacks but it’s up to you to use that setback as a setup for a comeback. Being resilient is not something that happens overnight it’s a skill that can be worked on daily. Firstly, it’s you accepting that change is a part of life. Listed below are strategies you can immediately apply to your life today to build your resilience.

Your journey to being incredibly resilient starts TODAY
-Let what you believe in guide you.
-Build relationships.
-Have the ability to recognize your own emotions and emotions of others.
-Build optimistic thinking patterns.
-Grow from your mistakes.
-Move toward your goals.
-Develop and Nurture a positive view of yourself.
-Maintain a positive outlook.
-Keep things in perspective.
-Avoid seeing challenges as impossible.

-Shayma S. Sulaiman