Today is The Day

Be excited to turn your thoughts into actions, and bring to life a new adventure with the power that lies within you. Turning your thoughts into actions will come with both successes and failures, but will always end in forward progress and lessons learned. 

You can have a million great ideas and intentions, but to truly be great you must learn to execute. Don’t be afraid of your dreams not playing out in reality exactly like they did in your head. That rarely happens, and if it does, it means you weren’t dreaming big enough.

We have so many things that we want to accomplish in life that we often spread ourselves too thin, never getting around to any of them. We invest seconds instead of minutes or minutes instead of hours and let the things we once had a wild-eyed zeal for slowly fade into dreams deferred, living in an age where our attention is constantly being pulled left, and right, it's easy to get distracted. But like I said, today is the day. 

Today is the day. The day that you talked about but never came. Today is the day you do that thing that you kept putting off until "tomorrow" but never got around to. 

We live in a time where impossible is nothing, and the only limits in life are the ones we put on our imagination. While having an active imagination is great, actions speak louder than words and imagination without action is worthless. 

Let today be the spark that starts a chain reaction of accomplishments, and don't let that chain break. Once the first thing has been done move on to the next and ride the wave that you’ve created.

- Jean Claude