Fear Is Not an Option

F.E.A.R: False Evidence Appearing Real

Fear often has the power to appear real although this feeling has no substance. The moment you take a step toward accepting and controlling this demanding emotion you will become one step closer to living life fearlessly. 

Throughout my life, I've learned the hard way that allowing fear to control my destiny has held me back from many opportunities. More recently, after facing adversity in my life, I decided to make the major decision to really live life without fear or regret, and this has made all the difference in my happiness.

Live your life knowing that if you were to die tomorrow, that you would die as a happy person because you lived shamelessly without regret, allowed your ambition to soar, and didn't let fear hold you back from achieving all that you could. You have one life to live so don't be afraid to take chances, live on the edge, and do what makes you happy. This is your time to overcome any spirit that may be holding you back from attaining all you have set for your future and experiencing the unknown.

"We could allow fear to control our will and emotions, or instead, let the peace of God rule our hearts and minds."

From this day forward transform your fear into courage and live life knowing that fear is not an option. 

- Nikki Abraham