Make Time For Your Dreams

There is no reason you should keep quiet about your dreams; you should talk about them every day if that's what it takes to bring them to life. Tell people about your aspirations and plans for your future, whether your dream is to start a chain of lemonade stands or travel the world, what you care about matters.

Express this care and love in the way you talk about it to others and allow them a glimpse of what it is you truly desire out of life. Formulating the correct words to express what you are passionate about in itself is a gift, not all will appreciate this, but there will undoubtedly be someone who will.

I believe in speaking relevant matters into existence; this does not mean you only talk about it as if just words will accomplish your goals. To carry out a task work is required as well, but words do have power.

Words have the ability to bring people together and to create meaningful conversation. You may one day be talking with a  person who can truly help you make what you care about, your dream, a reality.

There will be naysayers who will tell you they don't care. There will be people who say "that is impossible." There may even be people who call you crazy, but as long as you care about it, those opinions do not matter. As I said before you are extending them a gift, it is their choice whether to receive it or not.

I'm telling you this because if you don't speak about it and care about it, then nobody else will. You must have a passion and drive that the world cannot ignore. People will admire that about you, and some may even want to help.

We make time for what is important to us because we care.

- Jean Claude