You are What You EAT

Food is such an important aspect of our daily lives.  It replenishes us and fuels us to keep going; it also can alter our mood to make us happy! The food you put into your body is a direct reflection of how you operate. If you eat salty grease foods, you may feel heavy in comparison to eating fresh fruits and veggies. Now, I understand we’ve all been in situations i.e. college or low on money when it was easier and convenient to make terrible food decisions. But, as we grow through life we want to keep in mind small improvements lead to huge victories. Just like you taking time out of your schedule to nourish your soul or work on self-love, eating well is a form of self-love. You don’t want to put too many toxic things in your body. If you have been meaning to start eating better let this be a sign to start now it's never too late!  I’ve compiled a list of nutrients below that have scientifically proven to make you feel awesome! Also, never forget moderation is key.

1. Calcium, often paired with vitamin D assist with mood fluctuations (kale, yogurt, cheese, broccoli, milk)

2. Chromium increases the brain's levels of serotonin, norepinephrine, and melatonin which helps the brain regulate your emotions and mood (sweet potatoes, turkey breast, grape juice, oats)

3. Omega-3s, this nutrient helps decrease the risk of depression and helps with brain function (chia seeds, salmon, spinach, flaxseed oil)

4. Vitamin B12, can eliminate fatigue and give you energy ( crabs, soy products, red meat, eggs)

5. Magnesium plays a prominent role in the development of serotonin which is a major contributor to feeling happy (almonds, spinach, cashews, peanuts, edamame)

They next time you’re about to grab a bag of chips or a cupcake for a snack think of some of these foods to help nourish your brain.