Count Your Change

Good Morning Subscribers,

Yesterday I ran to the subway in fear of missing my train. On the way down the stairs a man who did not appear as homeless stopped me to ask for 50 cents so he could purchase his metro card. I quickly told him I didn't have any change without attempting to look and continued running toward the subway. Once down the stairs, I realized the train had not yet arrived. Looking back up the stairs I noticed the gentleman distraught in fear of not being able to get on the train and make it to his destination. I immediately reached for my wallet and noticed that I actually had several coins. The look on his face lit up as we met each other halfway. I began dumping change is his hand as he insisted that he only needed 50 cents more. He was so grateful and thanked me tremendously. I smiled and said "No problem at all."

Immediately after this interaction I sat on the train and wondered why it took me realizing that my train hadn't arrived to help this gentleman. Seeing that I had a part in turning his frown upside down was actually the highlight of my day. While I was extremely happy that I had the opportunity to help someone else and ultimately make someone's day a little better, I was disappointed that helping someone in need wasn't my immediate reaction. 

A lot of times we tend to focus the majority or all of our attention ourselves and in return allow others to suffer. What did I learn from this? Don't let your service to others be by default. Help because that's what is in your heart to do. Choosing selflessness over selfishness is one of the most important decisions that you'll ever make. We were all put in this earth to make a difference don't allow two seconds of your day deter you from being a better you. 

- Nikki Abraham, 1/4 of The Nucleus