We All Matter

There is this thing called " matter" if you have never heard of it, then I will quickly give you its definition: the substance of which a physical object is composed a material substance that occupies space, has mass and is composed predominantly of atoms consisting of protons, neutrons, and electrons, that constitutes the observable universe. 
We are all made up of this stuff, this matter. It's kind of a cool way of saying we are all one and we are connected to the universe. You contribute to this planet by just existing in it, and that is a truly powerful thing, never forget this unequivocal fact.
We all aspire to do great things, to be intrepid and go on amazing adventures. But sometimes we forget to appreciate the mundane and earthly moments. The ones that don't transcend space and time. It's kind of like when you stare at water flowing down a river, this act to some may seem boring, but it is, in fact, a beautiful thing. 
By just existing you are making an impact. When you exist in that space nobody else can exist there until you decide to move, and that is powerful. We are all made up of all sorts of cool things that can be identified by many different names. But we are all equally important to this planet. We all matter
What I'm trying to get you to realize is that, regardless of the words people use to describe you, you cannot be cataloged by them, you are more than just words. 
You are a living breathing miracle that will inevitably make an impact on this universe and the people who inhabit it along with you. Choose what type of impact that will be, but never forget that those around you are all made up of this same cool stuff. 
Whether big or small, tall or short, young or old, or any of the many other ways we like to differentiate ourselves. We are all made up of matter, and we all do matter, this includes you too. 

Jean Claude Louis-Charles III, Creative Writer