Be The BEST Version of Yourself

We all should be striving to be the best version of ourselves. If you have a special skill work on it and improve it until you are the best at it. Have you ever been stuck, not knowing what else to do to improve your life? Below is a compiled list of a few changes that can have an infinite impact on improving your life.

1. Make a choice and choose to be happy. Make up your mind that you want to be a happy person. Don’t let circumstances sway your happiness it’s not about circumstances it’s about choice.

2.  Gratitude, Gratitude, and more Gratitude. Everyone is blessed in his/her own unique way. Don’t ever compare your blessings to someone else’s you are who you’re supposed to be. Take time each day to be thankful for who you are, what you have, and the good people that surround and support you.

3. Get regular exercise & eat food that will nourish and sustain your body. Too much sitting robs you of the sense of being alive. Get up and get moving! Be very conscious of what you put into your body it is your temple so treat it as such.

4. Smile at everyone and be polite even to strangers. Have you ever passed by someone on the street and made eye contact while they were smiling at you? It’s such a nice feeling to have positive energy flow from a strangers smile onto you for no reason. You can make a person's day just by smiling at them.

5. Learn new things and build up others while doing so. Learning is what keeps us excited about life. Life can be tumultuous, a little bit of encouragement can make others feel capable and confident. 

6. Rid yourself of negative people and negative thoughts. They will only poison you; it’s as simple as that.

-Shayma S. Sulaiman