Drink Water & Mind Your Business

As silly as this mantra may be, it is something I practice on the daily. Don’t understand the importance of this phrase? Let me break it down for you.

Drinking water is something we must do to survive. Your body needs an adequate amount of water in order to function properly. 6-8 glasses a day is recommended but lately I’ve been pushing for a healthy cleanse where I encourage myself to get to a gallon a day and can honestly say this has been the best thing for my skin, metabolism, and life. Stay Hydrated Y’all.

Minding your business will definitely encourage growth and change your mentality. If it has nothing to do with you leave it alone. Meddling and inputing your opinion where it’s not necessary can definitely send out negative vibes. There is not always an issue with being in the know but keep in mind that your 2cents is not always needed. Ultimately, it’s time to focus solely on you and respect other peoples privacy.

Staying in your own lane and committing to what’s pertinent to help you create a better healthier life, such as drinking water, will take you to higher places.

- Nikki Abraham