Patience Is A Virtue: Are You Ready for Your Blessings? Are You Ready for Your Miracle?

When people want something.. they want in now. I've learned the hard way that patience is a virtue. What does that mean exactly? 

  • Patience (noun) = the ability to wait calmly; the capacity to accept delay without getting angry 
  • Virtue (noun) = a quality or trait that most people consider to be morally good or desirable in a person.

Whenever I leave the gym, I immediately check my abs. I receive positive acclamations at work but immediately wonder why I still haven't received a promotion. I pay my bills on time but why hasn't my credit significantly increased. While you're on this journey called life, it gets difficult trying to wait for certain things to come to fruition. It's important to realize that success doesn't just happen overnight. Continue working towards your goals, have faith, keep your eye on the prize, and don't look back.  

- Nikki Abraham