Be Thankful Everyday

What are you thankful for?

Think about what has happened to you over the course of this year that you may have overlooked or forgotten? Remember, blessings come in all shapes and sizes so even if you think it's small go ahead and add it to the list.

Thanksgiving is an excellent holiday to marvel at all of the good things, people, and situations that have happened throughout the year. In fact, having a sense of gratefulness can actually boost your overall health. Every time you remind yourself of something good that has happened to you, your brain will slowly become fixated on positive things that have occurred in your life as opposed to negative ones. Over time, your mind will be able to point out and become more aware of positive experiences that you might have overlooked previously.

Once this becomes a habit, you will be amazed as to how much has been overlooked or even taken for granted.

Try This Out:


Every night before you go to bed try to revisit and remember all the good things and experiences that happened to you over the course of your day. Right them down if you must, but reminding yourself will reinforce your brain to filter out all of the irrelevant negative things that our human minds typically shine a light on. 

Continue to be thankful every day and watch how the universe responds to your new thoughts of gratefulness.