Focus on Meaningful Relationships

There is an important connection between happiness and human connection. Humans are naturally communicative species and constantly crave connection. There is evidence from a Harvard study to support the claim that meaningful relationships actually create happier and healthier lives. This Harvard study led by psychologist Robert Waldingner, still to this day, is the longest human study in history—tracking the lives of 724 men over 75 years. The study ultimately concluded that “meaningful social connections actually keep us alive.”
This extraordinary study sheds light on the importance of becoming aware of the people you surround yourself with every day. Take a minute and think about the individuals in your life that you are most close to. They may be your family members, friends, or significant others. Whoever those persons may be, it’s imperative that you began to see them as an actual component and even a source of your overall well-being and even happiness. We must be very careful about who we spend our precious time and energy with.
As you begin to look at many of your relationships in a different light, become conscious of the individuals you allow into your life. Make sure they add value to your goals, desires, and overall success. More importantly, make sure that they add value to your overall health because those connections may very well be keeping you alive longer.

- Chazz Scott

A Season of Change

Fall into Positivity

It’s mid-October so you know what that means. Apple picking, cozy sweater, warm apple pie...all the great things we love about Fall. For me, this season signifies way more than just a drop in the temperature. It’s a time for reflection, change, and transformation. 

Let Go

As the leaves fall from the trees and hit the ground this reminds us to let go and release all things that have been a burden to us. Shed the attitude, people, and environments that may be holding you back from flourishing. This is the perfect time for you to reflect and dismantle all the negativity in your life and open yourself up to all the positivity that’s getting ready to come in and make a change.


Leaves making the change from green to beautiful warm iridescent tones remind us of the beauty in this autumn season. But the colors don’t only represent the beauty in the season but in your life. As you shed the negative aspects of yourself reflect on the change that’s occurring. Discover the parts of yourself that you’d love to expand upon and embrace while opening yourself up to the transformation that’s taking place. 


September 22nd marked the Autumn Equinox and the first day of Fall. What is this exactly? Equinox” comes from the Latin words “equi” meaning “equal” and “nox” meaning “night.” This implies that there will be equal amounts of daylight and darkness. For me, this signifies balance. Be reminded of the importance of having balance in your life. This allows us to reach our goals and discover our purpose in while creating a less stressful environment to make this possible.

- Nikki Abraham 

What Makes A Good Life?

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We all want to be happy no matter where you grew up, what race you are, what religion you believe in, how much money you have; we are all trying to figure out the secret sauce to maintain happiness.
Psychiatrist Robert Waldinger explains that they conducted a study on millennials to understand what their major life goals were. They concluded that over 80% of the tested data said that a major life goal for them was to get rich. He explains that another 50% of those same young adults stated that another major life goal was to become famous. Based on the data presented, the professor explained that many of us have been given the impression that these are the things that we must go after to live a good life. 
Robert has been a part of one of the longest studies of adult life ever conducted. The Harvard Study of Adult Development has been tracking the lives of 724 men for over 75 years. The study included medical exams, drawing blood, scanning their brains, and talking to their children. From all the data collected, what did they learn about making a happy life? It turns out that the lessons aren’t about being famous, wealth, or even working harder and harder. They concluded that the clearest message from all this data was that: “Good relationships keep us happier and healthier. Period.”

As humans, we are sociable by nature, even if you believe that you’re an introvert. “It turns out that people who are more socially connected to family, to friends, to community, are happier, they're physically healthier, and they live longer than people who are less well connected.” The study shows that individuals who are more isolated experience loneliness and ultimately contribute to being “less happy”; their health declines earlier in midlife, their brain functioning declines, and live shorter lives than people that are not lonely.
Meaningful relationships protect not only our bodies but also our brains. Meaningful social connections actually keep us alive. What does this mean? We must not focus on things to sustain happiness; we must concentrate on meaningful relationships with family, friends, and community! Focus on the friends and family that you trust and care about; this will actually keep you happier and healthier. The good life is built with good relationships.

- Chazz Scott of The Nucleus

Patience Is A Virtue: Are You Ready for Your Blessings? Are You Ready for Your Miracle?

When people want something.. they want in now. I've learned the hard way that patience is a virtue. What does that mean exactly? 

  • Patience (noun) = the ability to wait calmly; the capacity to accept delay without getting angry 
  • Virtue (noun) = a quality or trait that most people consider to be morally good or desirable in a person.

Whenever I leave the gym, I immediately check my abs. I receive positive acclamations at work but immediately wonder why I still haven't received a promotion. I pay my bills on time but why hasn't my credit significantly increased. While you're on this journey called life, it gets difficult trying to wait for certain things to come to fruition. It's important to realize that success doesn't just happen overnight. Continue working towards your goals, have faith, keep your eye on the prize, and don't look back.  

- Nikki Abraham