harvard study

Focus on Meaningful Relationships

There is an important connection between happiness and human connection. Humans are naturally communicative species and constantly crave connection. There is evidence from a Harvard study to support the claim that meaningful relationships actually create happier and healthier lives. This Harvard study led by psychologist Robert Waldingner, still to this day, is the longest human study in history—tracking the lives of 724 men over 75 years. The study ultimately concluded that “meaningful social connections actually keep us alive.”
This extraordinary study sheds light on the importance of becoming aware of the people you surround yourself with every day. Take a minute and think about the individuals in your life that you are most close to. They may be your family members, friends, or significant others. Whoever those persons may be, it’s imperative that you began to see them as an actual component and even a source of your overall well-being and even happiness. We must be very careful about who we spend our precious time and energy with.
As you begin to look at many of your relationships in a different light, become conscious of the individuals you allow into your life. Make sure they add value to your goals, desires, and overall success. More importantly, make sure that they add value to your overall health because those connections may very well be keeping you alive longer.

- Chazz Scott