keep dreaming


To be a dreamer is a wonderful thing, it allows you to delve into the deepest depths of your imagination and formulate new realities. It's the great unknown brought into the light, it is breaking the laws of the universe with your mind.

Surround yourself with individuals who have the ability to not only do this but believe it can be manifested into something tangible. Dreamers must also be doers, they must be able to convert that dream into a plan and the plan into a project. 

Find others who ooze that positive energy and help you fill in the missing puzzle pieces of your dream. The feeling will overwhelm you, and the room will be so filled with good energy that you almost feel superhuman. 

Write down these dreams, talk about them, draw them, and create them. We were put on this earth to do much more than live, we were out here to create, to share, and to experience. So dream no small dreams and know that you have the power to change things! 

Jean Claude Louis-Charles III, 1/4 of The Nucleus