New Year, Better You

Happy Friday Subscribers!

As the new year commences, we realize that it’s about time to start making those game time resolutions. We want to help you make commitments that you can stick to. See below for a few small resolutions that will help you kick off the year in a major way! 

Increase Positivity
We know staying positive is something that’s more easily said than done but it will most definitely benefit you in the long run. A positive attitude will lead to success and happiness and ultimately lead to you accomplishing your bigger resolutions. Keep a positive outlook on life and you will always win.

Be Confident

In yourself, in other people, in your work, in your life. Be confident in all aspects and believe in yourself. We promise boosting your confidence will lead to a healthier and happier life overall. 

Do Something that Scares You
Scares you in a way that will make you better. Don’t ever get too comfortable. Success won’t fall in your lap you have to go after what you want and doing that sometimes means taking risks. In 2018 get comfortable being uncomfortable by stepping out of your comfort zone.

- Nikki Abraham

Grow Through What You Go Through

Good Morning Subscribers,

It’s time to grow up and glow up!

Job loss, breakups, family problems …you name it. We’re all going through something. As a child, I always envisioned my adult life as BOMB.COM. Living in New York City with my dream job with a Biggie inspired mindset ..sipping champagne when I’m thirsty. Then I grew up and realized that adulthood doesn’t always taste like cotton candy and feel like a walk on the beach.

Life without trials and tribulations just doesn’t exist. Struggle is inevitable. I’ve had moments where I felt like I wanted to drop off the face of the earth. Hey, we’re all human. I also always have come to Jesus moments when I realize it doesn’t end here.

It’s not about getting knocked down, it’s about getting back up. It’s important to take everything as a life lesson and realize that the pivotal part of growing is learning from your downfalls. Growing and then glowing is all part of the process.

 Things are not always going to go as planned. The key is figuring out how to move forward with your alternate path toward success. Aaliyah said it best, if at first you don’t succeed dust yourself off and try again.

- Nikki Abraham, 1/4 of The Nucleus

Maintain Your Childlike Happiness

Good Morning Subscribers!

I hope your week is off to a great start! This week's excerpt is shown below:

I think most of us know by now that life is a series of tests and sometimes it can be difficult to maintain happiness. In Dr. Norman Vincent Peale’s The Power of Positive Thinking, he mentions that “Children are more expert in happiness than adults.” He explains that the adult who can carry the spirit of a child into middle and old age is a genius.

In the book, Mr. Peale asked his 9-year-old daughter, “Are you happy, honey?” She replied by saying “I’m always happy.” He asked, “What makes you happy?” She replied by saying “I don’t know, I’m just happy.” He urged her for a reason and she finally explained all of the things that made her happy. It included a simple list of her friends, going to school, her teachers, going to church, and the love from her family.

Whenever life has you down, remind yourself of the simple things that you may take for granted every day. Do not allow life's experiences to take away your childlike happiness. Hold on to it and continue to remind yourself of the people that love and care for you.

Maintain your childlike happiness and be grateful for the simple things in life.

Do Not Allow Fears to Control Your Life

Do not let your fears control your life.

Most people in life are not living their dreams because of fear. Fear of what others might think, fear of what others might say, fear of failing, fear of never making it, and fear of the unknown. 

The fact is: “Fear is not real. It is a product of thoughts you create. Do not misunderstand me. Danger is very real. But fear is a choice.” - Will Smith from After Earth 

Fill your mind with courageous and positive thoughts to leave no room for fears. These courageous thoughts eventually turn into courageous actions!

Do not allow fears to hold you back from your purpose in life. 



At the end of the day, you can either live your fears or live your dreams. Build up enough courage and grit to live your dreams and truly master life!