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What do YOU want?

Good Morning Subscribers,


People will always tell you what you should do and where you should go, but until you decide what it is that YOU want to do and dedicate yourself to that goal, success will elude you. Remember true success is self-defined; success is not when everyone else acknowledges your accomplishments. True success is when you have that feeling of fulfillment and you can look yourself in the mirror and be proud.

You must do for yourself! You may use others as a catalyst to give you the drive to push through the hard times, but at the end of it all when the sun goes down and the lights go out it is just you and God. God will always love you, just make sure that you love yourself.

Jean Claude (J.C.) Louis-Charles III

Focus on Meaningful Relationships

There is an important connection between happiness and human connection. Humans are naturally communicative species and constantly crave connection. There is evidence from a Harvard study to support the claim that meaningful relationships actually create happier and healthier lives. This Harvard study led by psychologist Robert Waldingner, still to this day, is the longest human study in history—tracking the lives of 724 men over 75 years. The study ultimately concluded that “meaningful social connections actually keep us alive.”
This extraordinary study sheds light on the importance of becoming aware of the people you surround yourself with every day. Take a minute and think about the individuals in your life that you are most close to. They may be your family members, friends, or significant others. Whoever those persons may be, it’s imperative that you began to see them as an actual component and even a source of your overall well-being and even happiness. We must be very careful about who we spend our precious time and energy with.
As you begin to look at many of your relationships in a different light, become conscious of the individuals you allow into your life. Make sure they add value to your goals, desires, and overall success. More importantly, make sure that they add value to your overall health because those connections may very well be keeping you alive longer.

- Chazz Scott

The Power of Your Words

Whether it may be a success or a failure but especially a success, share it with the world or your world. What I'm referring to when I say "your world" are those individual(s) who reciprocate the energy that you give and are truly listening to your story. You may even be bold enough to share your story with a stranger, and that is where magic can truly happen. 


Your story is, of course, yours, but it could also be the missing piece of somebody else's. You could be the spark that was needed for them to become the next big thing or just take their first steps towards a better tomorrow. 

Your words have power, and your story has meaning. The thing that I always find amazing is how energy travels. It can be stored in the words in the book or be immediately transferred from word of mouth, a hug, a high five, or maybe even just a smile, but it is everywhere. 

Realize the power that lies within you, and do not be afraid to share it with others.

Jean Claude (J.C.) Louis-Charles III,1/4 of The Nucleus


To be a dreamer is a wonderful thing, it allows you to delve into the deepest depths of your imagination and formulate new realities. It's the great unknown brought into the light, it is breaking the laws of the universe with your mind.

Surround yourself with individuals who have the ability to not only do this but believe it can be manifested into something tangible. Dreamers must also be doers, they must be able to convert that dream into a plan and the plan into a project. 

Find others who ooze that positive energy and help you fill in the missing puzzle pieces of your dream. The feeling will overwhelm you, and the room will be so filled with good energy that you almost feel superhuman. 

Write down these dreams, talk about them, draw them, and create them. We were put on this earth to do much more than live, we were out here to create, to share, and to experience. So dream no small dreams and know that you have the power to change things! 

Jean Claude Louis-Charles III, 1/4 of The Nucleus

Never Stop Dreaming

Good Morning Subscribers,

During one of my speeches at the University of Maryland, School of Pharmacy located in Baltimore City, I spoke to a group of students and parents about truly believing in your gifts and losing sight of fear. 

After the speech was over, I was able to speak with youth in the audience. We discussed their dreams, where they could see themselves in 10 years, and even what type of car and house they wanted to own. One of the young girls came up to me and said, “this is the most fun I have had in a long time.” I thought to myself that the only thing that we were doing was having a conversation about their dreams and aspirations. I didn’t know it at the time, but that statement impacted my life in more ways than I will ever understand.

This simple statement by this young girl is another reminder that we must continue to "dream no small dreams." We must not be afraid to speak about what it is that we want out of life and where we can see ourselves in the future. Today’s society has crippled our abilities to dream which is detrimental to the human mind, body, and soul. Next to eating, drinking, and sleeping, it is in our primitive human nature to dream! Every great idea in recorded history started from a dream and someone’s belief in it. I dare you to speak life into your dreams and aspirations and watch how the universe responds back to you!

- Chazz Scott, 1/4 of The Nucleus

"To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe."
- Anatole France

Count Your Change

Good Morning Subscribers,

Yesterday I ran to the subway in fear of missing my train. On the way down the stairs a man who did not appear as homeless stopped me to ask for 50 cents so he could purchase his metro card. I quickly told him I didn't have any change without attempting to look and continued running toward the subway. Once down the stairs, I realized the train had not yet arrived. Looking back up the stairs I noticed the gentleman distraught in fear of not being able to get on the train and make it to his destination. I immediately reached for my wallet and noticed that I actually had several coins. The look on his face lit up as we met each other halfway. I began dumping change is his hand as he insisted that he only needed 50 cents more. He was so grateful and thanked me tremendously. I smiled and said "No problem at all."

Immediately after this interaction I sat on the train and wondered why it took me realizing that my train hadn't arrived to help this gentleman. Seeing that I had a part in turning his frown upside down was actually the highlight of my day. While I was extremely happy that I had the opportunity to help someone else and ultimately make someone's day a little better, I was disappointed that helping someone in need wasn't my immediate reaction. 

A lot of times we tend to focus the majority or all of our attention ourselves and in return allow others to suffer. What did I learn from this? Don't let your service to others be by default. Help because that's what is in your heart to do. Choosing selflessness over selfishness is one of the most important decisions that you'll ever make. We were all put in this earth to make a difference don't allow two seconds of your day deter you from being a better you. 

- Nikki Abraham, 1/4 of The Nucleus

Capturing Optimism

Everlasting happiness is something that we all aspire to achieve. It's the little glimpses of happiness that we see that keeps us motivated during the rough times in our lives. However, very few have learned to master the technique of taking those glimpses and bringing them into the light. Often we let the negativity and or rough hurdles that we're facing take control of our day which can lead us to only seeing what's in front of us at that current moment. 

We must remember that during these times of adversity, we must remain optimistic. Being optimistic towards any situation that you face in with in life will keep you away from stress, anxiety, and fear. Once you begin to make optimism or even positivity a lifestyle, you will be able to master control of your happiness. Those little glimpses of happiness that you see during the rough times will begin to naturally gravitate to the light and push that negativity out the way! Reminding yourself that your current situation(s) will not last forever, that you have all the strength to battle through any challenge, and that eventually you'll have your everlasting happiness will keep you uplifted. 

Once you begin to understand that life is meant to challenge you and mold you into a greater person, you'll soon accept any and every challenge that comes your way each day. Eventually, you'll wake up every morning, look at your day with the utmost confidence and say to yourself, "BRING IT!"

Guest Creative Writer, Jonathan Sims

Life is an Obstacle Course

To the person who feels as though life isn’t going...

It can be frustrating when we have a goal in mind and can see the finish line, but there are never ending hurdles before we make it. It can be discouraging when it’s one fall after another, and we’re constantly being tripped up. There’s also the chance of being on the course and not knowing which direction to take, so we’re lost as to what to do next. These are feelings you may feel or once have felt. It’s all normal; life isn’t a sprint, nor a marathon, but an obstacle course. When we see our loved ones doing the obstacle course, we’ll happily lend a helping hand because we care and want to see them do well. That is a part of your course as well. We develop personality traits based on our surroundings, experiences, and upbringing. Never believe you are the same person you were yesterday. Our character is constantly being remolded based on our knowledge & existence.  

If you find you are stuck in life take a step back and analyze what’s going on but not for too long and then dive forward. Don’t have any regrets, make your greatest leaps. Find your inspiration, figure out what moves you and let that be your driving force. It won’t be a perfect go, you will have scars and bruises, but you’ll be able to look back and smile at what you’ve accomplished. Take in everything as a learning experience and grow to be the best version of yourself.

-Shayma S. Sulaiman