Grow Through What You Go Through

Good Morning Subscribers,

It’s time to grow up and glow up!

Job loss, breakups, family problems …you name it. We’re all going through something. As a child, I always envisioned my adult life as BOMB.COM. Living in New York City with my dream job with a Biggie inspired mindset ..sipping champagne when I’m thirsty. Then I grew up and realized that adulthood doesn’t always taste like cotton candy and feel like a walk on the beach.

Life without trials and tribulations just doesn’t exist. Struggle is inevitable. I’ve had moments where I felt like I wanted to drop off the face of the earth. Hey, we’re all human. I also always have come to Jesus moments when I realize it doesn’t end here.

It’s not about getting knocked down, it’s about getting back up. It’s important to take everything as a life lesson and realize that the pivotal part of growing is learning from your downfalls. Growing and then glowing is all part of the process.

 Things are not always going to go as planned. The key is figuring out how to move forward with your alternate path toward success. Aaliyah said it best, if at first you don’t succeed dust yourself off and try again.

- Nikki Abraham, 1/4 of The Nucleus