What do YOU want?

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People will always tell you what you should do and where you should go, but until you decide what it is that YOU want to do and dedicate yourself to that goal, success will elude you. Remember true success is self-defined; success is not when everyone else acknowledges your accomplishments. True success is when you have that feeling of fulfillment and you can look yourself in the mirror and be proud.

You must do for yourself! You may use others as a catalyst to give you the drive to push through the hard times, but at the end of it all when the sun goes down and the lights go out it is just you and God. God will always love you, just make sure that you love yourself.

Jean Claude (J.C.) Louis-Charles III


To be a dreamer is a wonderful thing, it allows you to delve into the deepest depths of your imagination and formulate new realities. It's the great unknown brought into the light, it is breaking the laws of the universe with your mind.

Surround yourself with individuals who have the ability to not only do this but believe it can be manifested into something tangible. Dreamers must also be doers, they must be able to convert that dream into a plan and the plan into a project. 

Find others who ooze that positive energy and help you fill in the missing puzzle pieces of your dream. The feeling will overwhelm you, and the room will be so filled with good energy that you almost feel superhuman. 

Write down these dreams, talk about them, draw them, and create them. We were put on this earth to do much more than live, we were out here to create, to share, and to experience. So dream no small dreams and know that you have the power to change things! 

Jean Claude Louis-Charles III, 1/4 of The Nucleus

Capturing Optimism

Everlasting happiness is something that we all aspire to achieve. It's the little glimpses of happiness that we see that keeps us motivated during the rough times in our lives. However, very few have learned to master the technique of taking those glimpses and bringing them into the light. Often we let the negativity and or rough hurdles that we're facing take control of our day which can lead us to only seeing what's in front of us at that current moment. 

We must remember that during these times of adversity, we must remain optimistic. Being optimistic towards any situation that you face in with in life will keep you away from stress, anxiety, and fear. Once you begin to make optimism or even positivity a lifestyle, you will be able to master control of your happiness. Those little glimpses of happiness that you see during the rough times will begin to naturally gravitate to the light and push that negativity out the way! Reminding yourself that your current situation(s) will not last forever, that you have all the strength to battle through any challenge, and that eventually you'll have your everlasting happiness will keep you uplifted. 

Once you begin to understand that life is meant to challenge you and mold you into a greater person, you'll soon accept any and every challenge that comes your way each day. Eventually, you'll wake up every morning, look at your day with the utmost confidence and say to yourself, "BRING IT!"

Guest Creative Writer, Jonathan Sims

Remain Grateful

Throughout life it is extremely important to remain grateful. Be grateful for new experiences, uncomfortable situations, disappointments, and achievements. Instead of counting the things that are missing in your life, count the blessings that you may tend to look over each day.

Whenever you need a reminder, remember to look around you and to be grateful for the things that you do have. Count the blessings that have occurred in your life instead of the problems. Be grateful for friends, family, running water, and the food that you consume each day.

Master consistency throughout your day and remind yourself of the simple things that you have been blessed with. 

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said that in order to achieve contentment, one should “cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously.”