you can do it

Capturing Optimism

Everlasting happiness is something that we all aspire to achieve. It's the little glimpses of happiness that we see that keeps us motivated during the rough times in our lives. However, very few have learned to master the technique of taking those glimpses and bringing them into the light. Often we let the negativity and or rough hurdles that we're facing take control of our day which can lead us to only seeing what's in front of us at that current moment. 

We must remember that during these times of adversity, we must remain optimistic. Being optimistic towards any situation that you face in with in life will keep you away from stress, anxiety, and fear. Once you begin to make optimism or even positivity a lifestyle, you will be able to master control of your happiness. Those little glimpses of happiness that you see during the rough times will begin to naturally gravitate to the light and push that negativity out the way! Reminding yourself that your current situation(s) will not last forever, that you have all the strength to battle through any challenge, and that eventually you'll have your everlasting happiness will keep you uplifted. 

Once you begin to understand that life is meant to challenge you and mold you into a greater person, you'll soon accept any and every challenge that comes your way each day. Eventually, you'll wake up every morning, look at your day with the utmost confidence and say to yourself, "BRING IT!"

Guest Creative Writer, Jonathan Sims