Keep Your Eyes on the Prize


Happy Thursday Subscribers!

I’ll admit it I’m guilty of setting goals and straying away from them over time. I’m sure we all are. Think about it. It’s almost December How many of your New Year New You goals have you checked off your list?

This year, taking measurements to keep me on track has made all the difference. At the end of each day ask yourself if you did something to get you closer to conquering your set goals and ultimately achieving your dreams. If the answer is no then it’s time to re-evaluate.

Below are some tips to keep you on track.

  • Encourage Yourself. Don’t count on others to motivate you. Find ways to encourage yourself. Keep your inner peace, recite positive affirmations and push yourself to reach your goals.
  • Write Down Your Goals. Write down your goals and keep them in plain sight. 
  • Get an Accountability Partner. It’s always easier for you to stay on track when you have a friend with the same mindset to push you. Get someone to hold you accountable and get you back on track if you stray.
  • Give Yourself Deadlines. Adding deadlines to your goals will increase the challenge and motivate you toward checking something off your list.

- Nikki Abraham

Build Your Bounce Back Game

Resilient .jpg

You may ask what your bounce back game is. To bounce back, is your ability to deal with difficult situations. Feeling lost, not getting the job you wanted, someone telling you no you’re not able, or even hurdles in daily life are all examples of challenging life experiences. Think about all the times someone has told you NO in your lifetime and how many times you’ve defied what that person has told you. YOU ARE RESILIENT. You have the ability to be flexible and bounce back. You can’t let life get you down; there will be too many negative opportunities for that. There will always setbacks but it’s up to you to use that setback as a setup for a comeback. Being resilient is not something that happens overnight it’s a skill that can be worked on daily. Firstly, it’s you accepting that change is a part of life. Listed below are strategies you can immediately apply to your life today to build your resilience.

Your journey to being incredibly resilient starts TODAY
-Let what you believe in guide you.
-Build relationships.
-Have the ability to recognize your own emotions and emotions of others.
-Build optimistic thinking patterns.
-Grow from your mistakes.
-Move toward your goals.
-Develop and Nurture a positive view of yourself.
-Maintain a positive outlook.
-Keep things in perspective.
-Avoid seeing challenges as impossible.

-Shayma S. Sulaiman

What do YOU want?

Good Morning Subscribers,


People will always tell you what you should do and where you should go, but until you decide what it is that YOU want to do and dedicate yourself to that goal, success will elude you. Remember true success is self-defined; success is not when everyone else acknowledges your accomplishments. True success is when you have that feeling of fulfillment and you can look yourself in the mirror and be proud.

You must do for yourself! You may use others as a catalyst to give you the drive to push through the hard times, but at the end of it all when the sun goes down and the lights go out it is just you and God. God will always love you, just make sure that you love yourself.

Jean Claude (J.C.) Louis-Charles III

Focus on Meaningful Relationships

There is an important connection between happiness and human connection. Humans are naturally communicative species and constantly crave connection. There is evidence from a Harvard study to support the claim that meaningful relationships actually create happier and healthier lives. This Harvard study led by psychologist Robert Waldingner, still to this day, is the longest human study in history—tracking the lives of 724 men over 75 years. The study ultimately concluded that “meaningful social connections actually keep us alive.”
This extraordinary study sheds light on the importance of becoming aware of the people you surround yourself with every day. Take a minute and think about the individuals in your life that you are most close to. They may be your family members, friends, or significant others. Whoever those persons may be, it’s imperative that you began to see them as an actual component and even a source of your overall well-being and even happiness. We must be very careful about who we spend our precious time and energy with.
As you begin to look at many of your relationships in a different light, become conscious of the individuals you allow into your life. Make sure they add value to your goals, desires, and overall success. More importantly, make sure that they add value to your overall health because those connections may very well be keeping you alive longer.

- Chazz Scott

A Season of Change

Fall into Positivity

It’s mid-October so you know what that means. Apple picking, cozy sweater, warm apple pie...all the great things we love about Fall. For me, this season signifies way more than just a drop in the temperature. It’s a time for reflection, change, and transformation. 

Let Go

As the leaves fall from the trees and hit the ground this reminds us to let go and release all things that have been a burden to us. Shed the attitude, people, and environments that may be holding you back from flourishing. This is the perfect time for you to reflect and dismantle all the negativity in your life and open yourself up to all the positivity that’s getting ready to come in and make a change.


Leaves making the change from green to beautiful warm iridescent tones remind us of the beauty in this autumn season. But the colors don’t only represent the beauty in the season but in your life. As you shed the negative aspects of yourself reflect on the change that’s occurring. Discover the parts of yourself that you’d love to expand upon and embrace while opening yourself up to the transformation that’s taking place. 


September 22nd marked the Autumn Equinox and the first day of Fall. What is this exactly? Equinox” comes from the Latin words “equi” meaning “equal” and “nox” meaning “night.” This implies that there will be equal amounts of daylight and darkness. For me, this signifies balance. Be reminded of the importance of having balance in your life. This allows us to reach our goals and discover our purpose in while creating a less stressful environment to make this possible.

- Nikki Abraham 

Today I Affirm


Affirmations have the ability to program our minds into believing the stated concept. They can have a profound effect on our attitude and outlook. It’s best to stay away from negative self-talk and be mindful of how you speak to yourself.  Below is an affirmation for you to say out loud. Keep in mind we all have different goals and dreams so please feel free to alter and fill in the blanks with what best suits you. This is totally about you and your journey.

“I am an extremely strong ___________. I have been through so much but I continue to stand tall and confident. I will persistently fight for what I believe in because it's important to me.  I will continue to work towards my goals because one day I see myself as a _____________. I believe in myself and my abilities to do good because when I put good into the world it comes back ten fold." 

-Shayma S. Sulaiman

Improve Your Attitude With Gratitude


With everything that is going on in the world, it is so easy to get distracted and fully immersed in the negative aspects that are taking place. As we think about what is happening in the present world, we could rack our minds with all the injustices, natural disasters, and tragedies that are happening. Doing so can put our minds in a pessimistic downward spiral. Try moving all of that energy into all the good that is happening in your life. Gratitude is one of the most important keys to unlocking a bountiful life. Being grateful for what you have and the people who surround and support you is what will open the door to a life of success. Gratitude is a powerful tool that can have revolutionary effects on your life.

There are an infinite amount of ways to express gratitude outwardly. Listed below are five different ways in which you can express gratitude.
1. Use words and use them to impact others positively.
It’s so easy to give compliments or verbally acknowledge someone when they are doing a good job. This positive reinforcement not only recognizes the good that is going on but it also makes the other person feel good about them self. Be detailed in your appreciation and thoughtful.
2. Journal your blessings.
 With everything going on in life it’s entirely understandable to forget the things you appreciated that day. Take some time at the end of each night to write down what you cherished. You can refer to your journal whenever you’re feeling down to remember how blessed you are. It’s also an awesome way to see how you’ve progressed over the years.
3. Smiling is Contagious.
Have you ever passed a stranger on the street walking in the opposite direction and they were enthusiastically smiling at you? I’m sure it instantaneously made you feel good and in turn made you grin. The transfer of energy can be contagious. Make sure you are putting out positivity and light.
4.  Make it a point to volunteer.
We’re all fortunate in some way. Find something you’re passionate about and volunteer your time. Doing so will not only help others, but it will make you feel fantastic.
5. Do not complain.
When something terrible happens, it’s natural to want to complain about it. But every time you complain, you reinforce a negative state of mind without offering a plausible solution to the problem. Instead, next time you feel aggravated, take a few deep breaths and try focusing on something positive.
These are just a few ways to show gratitude. The list is ever-growing and ranges dependent on the person. The most important thing is to teach others and work on growing your appreciation for what life has to offer.

-Shayma S. Sulaiman

The Power of Your Words

Whether it may be a success or a failure but especially a success, share it with the world or your world. What I'm referring to when I say "your world" are those individual(s) who reciprocate the energy that you give and are truly listening to your story. You may even be bold enough to share your story with a stranger, and that is where magic can truly happen. 


Your story is, of course, yours, but it could also be the missing piece of somebody else's. You could be the spark that was needed for them to become the next big thing or just take their first steps towards a better tomorrow. 

Your words have power, and your story has meaning. The thing that I always find amazing is how energy travels. It can be stored in the words in the book or be immediately transferred from word of mouth, a hug, a high five, or maybe even just a smile, but it is everywhere. 

Realize the power that lies within you, and do not be afraid to share it with others.

Jean Claude (J.C.) Louis-Charles III,1/4 of The Nucleus