Positively Caviar Teams Up with Boys in the Good

On May 22, 2018, Positively Caviar, Inc. teamed up with the Boys in the Good organization for a powerful speaking engagement/workshop. Young boys at Randallstown Elementary School in Baltimore, MD had the opportunity to participate in an informal workshop centered on the importance of optimism.


"BOYS in the GOOD" is an after-school youth leadership program that helps boys develop new attitudes, behaviors, and ambitions while recognizing the importance of dressing well and being respectful. Boys participate in weekly character education workshops, community service and a number of enrichment opportunities. The purpose of this program is to inspire young men in grades 3 through 5 to reach their fullest potential both academically and socially. All boys serve as leaders of the school community and work each day to fulfill the aims of Giving, Optimism, Originality, and Determination.


Positively Caviar Founder, Chazz Scott, had the chance to inspire and empower the young boys by speaking to the science of positive thinking, the relationship between the conscious and subconscious mind, and the process of erasing old habits & gaining new ones. “The kids were so engaged and excited”, Chazz proclaimed.  “It’s a necessity that kids of this age understand this material now rather than later. It can have huge benefits over the course their lives on their habits, choices, and ultimately of their destiny. As Frederick Douglass said: "It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men."

At the end of the program, the young men were handed the signature “Stay Positive” wristbands in an effort to actually actively apply affirmations as a technique to overcome challenges. These wristbands serve as a reminder to individuals to Stay Positive during times of adversity.  Boys were extremely engaged and eager to learn more about how to sustain optimism throughout their lives. Positively Caviar hopes to conduct a continuation of these workshops with the Boys in the Good in the near future.

For more information or to find out how to partner with Positively Caviar on future programs, please click here or contact us at info@staybasedandpositive.com 


Positively Caviar Hosts First Ever Happy Hour Food Drive Event

On Thursday, February 22nd Positively Caviar, Inc. took a healthy bite out of hunger with their very first healthy food drive event, managing to turn a Thursday Happy Hour into a great time with all intensive purposes of conquering their goal of taking a healthy route toward eradicating hunger in the DC area. More than 30 people came out to Amsterdam Café and Lounge to show their support.

By approaching a typical food drive in a more unique way, Positively Caviar was able to make a deeper impact by sharing messaging, “A healthy mind starts with a healthy diet.” The goal was to combat hunger but also to ensure that by feeding America’s hungry they were being encouraged to live a healthier lifestyle with a healthier diet.

Supporters were able to make food and monetary donations to help reach the goal of combating hunger. Positively Caviar members went a step further the next day by visiting a local grocery store to purchase all healthy options with the monetary donations received.


On Friday, February 23rd Positively Caviar was able to personally fulfill their goal donating over 265+ items to Bread for The City. The mission of this organization is to help Washington, DC residents living with low income to develop the power to determine the future of their own communities. Each month, Bread for the City’s two food pantries provide nutritious groceries to more than 8,400 clients living near the federal poverty line. Food donations included fruits and vegetables proteins, daily, pasta.


Positively Caviar ended Black History Month and National Canned Food Month with a bang through the healthy food donations and positive vibrations that resulted from this food drive. “It was a powerful experience to bring together friends, family, and new supporters for a great cause” Chief Program Officer, Shayma Sulaiman, proclaimed. “I have a strong belief that if you put good into the universe good comes back to you tenfold”.

Help continue to #spreadthePos & change the lives of people within your community. Please visit staybasedandpositive.com to find out more about Positively Caviar, Inc. or to find out how you can support their mission.


Positively Caviar Inspires Young Women at Cherry Hill Middle School

On November 21, 2017, Positively Caviar, Inc. visited Cherry Hill Middle School in Baltimore Maryland, to lead an inspiring B.U.I.L.D workshop. Founder, Chazz Scott and Chief Program Officer, Shayma Sulaiman were able to fulfill their duty of inspiring, motivating, empower the young girls that attend this school.

Cherry Hill Elementary/Middle School is an institution located in the heart of Baltimore, Maryland. With high crime and poverty rates in this community, Positively Caviar realized the need to provide a workshop centered around maintaining an optimistic lifestyle and mindset. Students were exposed to a fun, creative, and positive environment where they had the opportunity to express themselves.

During the session, the young women of Cherry Hill Middle School were able to participate in B.U.I.L.D (Being Unique Individuals while Learning and Developing) activities including but not limited to:

  • The Power of Yet
  • What do you love about yourself?
  • Circle of Positivity

By the end of the workshop, the young ladies were encouraged to be their best self and continue down the road of success.

“It was such a refreshing experience to see how engaged the girls were”, Shayma proclaimed. “They all want so much out of life I wish nothing but the absolute best for each one of them.”

For more information or to find out how to work with us, please contact our Chief Program Officer Shayma Sulaiman at info@staybasedandpositive.com 


Positively Caviar, Inc. and Spiked Spin Partner for “Spin For Positivity”

New York, NY (October 10, 2017) – Positivity is more than just a noun, and fitness is more than just a trend… it’s a lifestyle. On September 23, 2017, Positively Caviar, Inc and Spiked Spin joined forces to execute a “Spin for Positivity” cycling event.  Missions collided as both parties discussed the importance of generational health, maintaining mental resilience/physical strength, and the impact that positivity can have on your overall well-being.  

Founder of Spiked Spin, Briana Owens, created her platform by wanting to fill the void of diversity within the boutique fitness industry. By doing so she formed a space where men and women are able to cycle in an atmosphere that is non-judgmental, accepting, and encouraging of their individual journeys.