Positively Caviar Hosts First Ever Happy Hour Food Drive Event

On Thursday, February 22nd Positively Caviar, Inc. took a healthy bite out of hunger with their very first healthy food drive event, managing to turn a Thursday Happy Hour into a great time with all intensive purposes of conquering their goal of taking a healthy route toward eradicating hunger in the DC area. More than 30 people came out to Amsterdam Café and Lounge to show their support.

By approaching a typical food drive in a more unique way, Positively Caviar was able to make a deeper impact by sharing messaging, “A healthy mind starts with a healthy diet.” The goal was to combat hunger but also to ensure that by feeding America’s hungry they were being encouraged to live a healthier lifestyle with a healthier diet.

Supporters were able to make food and monetary donations to help reach the goal of combating hunger. Positively Caviar members went a step further the next day by visiting a local grocery store to purchase all healthy options with the monetary donations received.


On Friday, February 23rd Positively Caviar was able to personally fulfill their goal donating over 265+ items to Bread for The City. The mission of this organization is to help Washington, DC residents living with low income to develop the power to determine the future of their own communities. Each month, Bread for the City’s two food pantries provide nutritious groceries to more than 8,400 clients living near the federal poverty line. Food donations included fruits and vegetables proteins, daily, pasta.


Positively Caviar ended Black History Month and National Canned Food Month with a bang through the healthy food donations and positive vibrations that resulted from this food drive. “It was a powerful experience to bring together friends, family, and new supporters for a great cause” Chief Program Officer, Shayma Sulaiman, proclaimed. “I have a strong belief that if you put good into the universe good comes back to you tenfold”.

Help continue to #spreadthePos & change the lives of people within your community. Please visit staybasedandpositive.com to find out more about Positively Caviar, Inc. or to find out how you can support their mission.


Positively Caviar Inspires Young Women at Cherry Hill Middle School

On November 21, 2017, Positively Caviar, Inc. visited Cherry Hill Middle School in Baltimore Maryland, to lead an inspiring B.U.I.L.D workshop. Founder, Chazz Scott and Chief Program Officer, Shayma Sulaiman were able to fulfill their duty of inspiring, motivating, empower the young girls that attend this school.

Cherry Hill Elementary/Middle School is an institution located in the heart of Baltimore, Maryland. With high crime and poverty rates in this community, Positively Caviar realized the need to provide a workshop centered around maintaining an optimistic lifestyle and mindset. Students were exposed to a fun, creative, and positive environment where they had the opportunity to express themselves.

During the session, the young women of Cherry Hill Middle School were able to participate in B.U.I.L.D (Being Unique Individuals while Learning and Developing) activities including but not limited to:

  • The Power of Yet
  • What do you love about yourself?
  • Circle of Positivity

By the end of the workshop, the young ladies were encouraged to be their best self and continue down the road of success.

“It was such a refreshing experience to see how engaged the girls were”, Shayma proclaimed. “They all want so much out of life I wish nothing but the absolute best for each one of them.”

For more information or to find out how to work with us, please contact our Chief Program Officer Shayma Sulaiman at info@staybasedandpositive.com 


Positively Caviar, Inc. and Spiked Spin Partner for “Spin For Positivity”

New York, NY (October 10, 2017) – Positivity is more than just a noun, and fitness is more than just a trend… it’s a lifestyle. On September 23, 2017, Positively Caviar, Inc and Spiked Spin joined forces to execute a “Spin for Positivity” cycling event.  Missions collided as both parties discussed the importance of generational health, maintaining mental resilience/physical strength, and the impact that positivity can have on your overall well-being.  

Founder of Spiked Spin, Briana Owens, created her platform by wanting to fill the void of diversity within the boutique fitness industry. By doing so she formed a space where men and women are able to cycle in an atmosphere that is non-judgmental, accepting, and encouraging of their individual journeys.


Riders joined the session excited to ride for a cause with Positively Caviar and Spiked Spin not realizing the overall total body experience this session would have on their mental and physical health. By the end of the class, all riders were able to truly experience what it means to “Spin for Positivity.” Attendees enjoyed an hour-long turned up, energy filled spin class infused with some of the best hip-hop hits to-date followed by a brief mindfulness session that encouraged everyone to extend their experience further than the bike. Each Spiked Spin class is closed with reflection, love, affirmation, positivity, and community which aligns 100% with what is Positively Caviar. “It feels so good to witness the impact of positivity in the lives of others,” exclaimed Co-Founder, Chief Creative Marketing Officer, Nikki Abraham.


Positively Caviar concluded the event by reinforcing their mission of positivity with a brief interactive giveaway and huge thank you to the participants and instructor, Briana Owens. Please visit SpikedSpin.com to find out more about their platform and to sign up for a Spiked Spin session. Also, visit Staybasedandpositive.com to find out more about Positively Caviar, Inc. and how you can support their mission of positivity.


Founder of Positively Caviar, Inc. Ranks #2 on the HBCU Top 30 Under 30 2017

HBCU graduates look forward to seeing the annual list of stellar young men and women who have the opportunity to be a part of the HBCU Top 30 Under 30 honors. This list consists of graduates from historically black colleges and universities who are making steps forward and exceeding expectations in various industries including education/academia, science, sports, fashion, journalism, technology, business, community/public service, politics, and entertainment. 

This year, Positively Caviar's very own Founder and CEO, Charles "Chazz" Scott, ranked #2 on this list of phenomenal individuals making strides in their perspective industries. As a published writer, motivational speaker, and an accomplished computer security technologist from Ellicott City, Maryland he continues to make us proud. 

Chazz attended Hampton University and obtained his Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Computer Science. He was then awarded a full ride scholarship by The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and The National Science Foundation (NSF) to pursue his Master of Science (M.S.) in Cybersecurity. Aside to his personal successes in Cybersecurity, finding time to follow his passion of encouraging others to live a positive and purpose driven life under the 501(c)(3) non-profit Positively Caviar, Inc. has been a remarkable experience and powerful journey.

Chazz speaks on the importance of young talented individuals being recognized for their hard work, "It's amazing to see all of your hard work acknowledged. More importantly, I hope this list serves as a catalyst to broaden our important message of positivity and optimism.”

In a world of challenges and adversity, we are thrilled to celebrate all HBCU graduates working toward becoming the leaders of today. Visit HBCUBuzz.com to read more about Chazz's accomplishments and see who else made the list! 


Positively Caviar, Inc. Announces Monthly Column with The Baltimore Times

Baltimore, MD (July 18, 2017) - Positively Caviar, Inc. is excited to announce their monthly collaboration with The Baltimore Times. Each month Positively Caviar’s Nucleus Team will have a column published in the Print and Digital issue that emphasizes keys to helping others maintain a fulfilled and purpose driven life.


The first column, “Mental Resiliency for Life’s Success”, published on July 14, 2017, highlights the secrets to building willpower and mental resilience. Monthly articles will have a specific focus on mental/physical health tips, scientific studies, nutrition facts and stories that are positive in nature to support a purposeful and positive lifestyle.

 The Nucleus Team of Positively Caviar (left to right) Jean Claude Louis-Charles III, Shayma Sulaiman, Nikki Abraham and Chazz Scott

The Nucleus Team of Positively Caviar (left to right) Jean Claude Louis-Charles III, Shayma Sulaiman, Nikki Abraham and Chazz Scott

“We’re so excited to have the opportunity to project positivity using another platform”, Nikki Abraham, Co-Founder, Chief Creative Marketing Officer. “As our platform and engagement continue to grow, the more widespread our impact will be.”

To read Positively Caviar’s monthly columns published in The Baltimore Times visit: BaltimoreTimes.com. Also visit staybasedandpositive.com to find out more about Positively Caviar, Inc. and how you can support their mission.

Founder of Positively Caviar, Inc. Continues to Inspire Youth Across Baltimore

Our Founder, Chazz Scott, has been on a roll lately sharing his heartfelt story about one of his best friends' sudden death to inspire others. His latest speeches have impacted thousands of people across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and the general web. 

On April 28th, 2017, Chazz had the opportunity to speak to youth at Baltimore's Year-Up program at Baltimore City Community College. He stressed the importance of believing in themselves and not being constrained by any limitations. After the event, Chazz said, "ironically the young adults inspired me to become a better person." The transfer of positivity from speaker to youth was immaculate. Click the video below to see how he encouraged these young adults to chase dreams with discipline.

Just a few days after that, on Saturday, May 6th, Chazz had the opportunity to be the Guest Speaker to youth at the awards ceremony of The Bridge to Academic Excellence Tutoring Program (ABAE) located at the University of Maryland, Baltimore School of Pharmacy in Baltimore City. After losing one of his best friends to an overdose, Chazz gives one of his most passionate speeches to date. View the entire video below and see how the youth was impacted by his speech at the end.

If you would like to partner or book Chazz for a speaking engagement, please contact us at info@staybasedandpositive.com


Positively Caviar, Inc. Attends UMES to Battle Opioids Epidemic

On April 29th, 2017, Positively Caviar, Inc. participated in University of Maryland Eastern Shore's S.O.A.A.R program. S.O.A.A.R which stands for "Substance Abuse Awareness Response" was hosted by the School of Pharmacy as well as the other health professionals on campus. Opioid abuse has been deemed one of the fastest growing drug problems in the country altering people of all ages. The main focus of this event was to bring awareness and educate people on the epidemic of opioid abuse. The Nucleus Team attended this event to bring a vision of hope and positivity to this gripping topic. The event allowed parents of drug users to tell their story of how losing a loved one to this unfortunate epidemic has affected them. Participants were also able to train and become certified in administering Narcan, an emergency treatment for individuals who have overdosed on opioid substances. It's important to understand and realize how life altering opioid addiction can be. If you or anyone you know is battling this crippling drug please seek help immediately.  

Check out our Founder, Chazz Scott, as he is interviewed by a local TV station and explains the importance of staying positive during drug recovery.



Positively Caviar, Inc. Partners with Charm City Love for First Ever B.U.I.L.D Self-Empowerment Workshop

Baltimore, MD (March 30, 2017) - On Saturday, March 11th Positively Caviar, Inc. joined forces with Charm City Love, Inc. for a Wellness Weekend at the SAGE Center of Episcopal Housing Corporation in Baltimore, MD. During this time both organizations were able to help families in the Family Recovery Program transform into their healthiest self!

Positively Caviar coordinated the “Kid’s Center” where they had the opportunity to introduce their very first B.U.I.L.D workshop! The mission of B.U.I.L.D (Being Unique Individuals by Learning and Developing) is to promote self-empowerment amongst children and adolescents and assist them in recognizing their character unique traits needed to overcome stress and adversity.

Founder and Chief Creative Optimist, Chazz Scott, touches on the importance of assisting adolescents with fulfilling strong physical and mental health in their daily lives. “You need to take all of your experiences and pass them down to the next generation.” The Nucleus Team members from Positively Caviar, Inc., along with several volunteers held seminars to actively engage students in various activities to promote all of the necessary qualities needed for a healthy, positive and purposeful life.

One of the main objectives of this program is to create a fun, creative, positive environment where children and adolescents can thrive, learn, and apply lifelong positive strategies. Positively Caviar, Inc. has plans of continuing to influence the youth and spread positivity to through upcoming B.U.I.L.D workshops. Please visit staybasedandpositive.com to find out more about the Positively Caviar, Inc. B.U.I.L.D workshop and how you can help support their mission.

Power of Care presents Selfless Spotlight featuring Positively Caviar, Inc.

Baltimore, MD (February 27, 2017)- Positively Caviar, Inc. is excited to announce the release of the very first Selfless Spotlight interview with Power of Care.

Power of Care is a platform focusing on growth, change, and highlighting people in the world who embrace caring for themselves and others in the community. Founder, Brianna Dance, reached out to the Positively Caviar team to be highlighted in the very first Selfless Spotlight that focuses individuals, non-profits, and organizations helping toward the betterment of their communities. Throughout this interview, “The Nucleus” or board members of Positively Caviar, Inc. enlightened others on the driving force behind the organization and the importance of living a healthier lifestyle.

Founder and CEO, Chazz Scott, explains the importance of mental strength, “If you don’t have the strength inside of you then you have nothing. If you don’t have the mindset that says hey I can do this, then you have nothing." Nikki Abraham, Chief Marketing Officer, Creative Director and Shayma Sulaiman, Chief Program Officer, Charity Liaison also expressed the importance of positive affirmations and what encourages them to remain positive on a daily basis.

Help continue to #spreadthePos & change the lives of people within your community. Please visit staybasedandpositive.com to find out more about Positively Caviar, Inc. or to find out how you can support their mission.