Founder & CEO of Positively Caviar, Inc. invited to speak at the 2016 Leadership Development Institute

Chazz Scott, Founder & CEO of Positively Caviar, Inc., was an invited guest speaker at the 2016 Leadership Development Institute (LDI) awards ceremony. Under the direction of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated, The Leadership Development Institute has provided high school students with a unique opportunity to develop leadership skills in a university atmosphere since 1983. The program provides students with intensive and exciting workshops, lectures, small group discussions, interactive seminars, tours, and recreational/cultural activities.

During the closing remarks, Chazz expressed how a positive mindset can play a pivotal role in your goals, dreams, friendships, and relationships. "Each of us has our own electromagnetic fields and our thoughts are literally electromagnetic impulses that radiate out of our head and control our destiny," said Scott. "We become what we think about, so continue to think positively to accomplish positive results throughout your life."

He also expressed the value of believing in your dreams. "No dream is too big. Take a look around you.. everything that you see, touch, and use every day was created by someone that is no smarter than you," said Scott. "Have the courage to throw fear out the window and truly utilize the dream that specifically given to you."

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