Positively Caviar, Inc. Attends UMES to Battle Opioids Epidemic

On April 29th, 2017, Positively Caviar, Inc. participated in University of Maryland Eastern Shore's S.O.A.A.R program. S.O.A.A.R which stands for "Substance Abuse Awareness Response" was hosted by the School of Pharmacy as well as the other health professionals on campus. Opioid abuse has been deemed one of the fastest growing drug problems in the country altering people of all ages. The main focus of this event was to bring awareness and educate people on the epidemic of opioid abuse. The Nucleus Team attended this event to bring a vision of hope and positivity to this gripping topic. The event allowed parents of drug users to tell their story of how losing a loved one to this unfortunate epidemic has affected them. Participants were also able to train and become certified in administering Narcan, an emergency treatment for individuals who have overdosed on opioid substances. It's important to understand and realize how life altering opioid addiction can be. If you or anyone you know is battling this crippling drug please seek help immediately.  

Check out our Founder, Chazz Scott, as he is interviewed by a local TV station and explains the importance of staying positive during drug recovery.