Founder of Positively Caviar, Inc. Continues to Inspire Youth Across Baltimore

Our Founder, Chazz Scott, has been on a roll lately sharing his heartfelt story about one of his best friends' sudden death to inspire others. His latest speeches have impacted thousands of people across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and the general web. 

On April 28th, 2017, Chazz had the opportunity to speak to youth at Baltimore's Year-Up program at Baltimore City Community College. He stressed the importance of believing in themselves and not being constrained by any limitations. After the event, Chazz said, "ironically the young adults inspired me to become a better person." The transfer of positivity from speaker to youth was immaculate. Click the video below to see how he encouraged these young adults to chase dreams with discipline.

Just a few days after that, on Saturday, May 6th, Chazz had the opportunity to be the Guest Speaker to youth at the awards ceremony of The Bridge to Academic Excellence Tutoring Program (ABAE) located at the University of Maryland, Baltimore School of Pharmacy in Baltimore City. After losing one of his best friends to an overdose, Chazz gives one of his most passionate speeches to date. View the entire video below and see how the youth was impacted by his speech at the end.

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