Positively Caviar, Inc Partners with Charm City Love for the 2nd Annual Wellness Weekend

Baltimore, MD (November 10, 2018) - On Saturday, November 10th  Positively Caviar, Inc. joined forces with Charm City Love, Inc. to facilitate a Wellness Weekend at the SAGE Center of Episcopal Housing Corporation in Baltimore, MD. During this time both organizations were able to help families in the Family Recovery Program transform into their healthiest self!

The Family Recovery Program is a non-profit that seeks to reunite families whose children have been placed in court ordered foster care due to substance abuse issues. in order to participate in the Family Recovery Program, families are required to attend a variety of classes and group meetings to ensure that they remain drug and alcohol free and that they develop the life skills necessary to become fully self-supporting.


During Wellness Weekend, Positively Caviar coordinated a B.U.I.L.D (Being Unique Individuals by Learning and Developing) workshop at the “Kid’s Center” with about 13 participants. Team members and volunteers had the opportunity to instill mental resilience into the youth with activities/discussions which include: The Power of Yet, Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset, the importance of gratitude, and self-love. The session ended with a mediation session amongst all families in attendance.

 The Positively Caviar team enjoyed spreading influence and positivity through the children and adolescents of the Family Recovery Center. For more information or to find out how to partner with Positively Caviar on future programs, please click here or contact us at 


Positively Caviar Hosts First Ever Happy Hour Food Drive Event

On Thursday, February 22nd Positively Caviar, Inc. took a healthy bite out of hunger with their very first healthy food drive event, managing to turn a Thursday Happy Hour into a great time with all intensive purposes of conquering their goal of taking a healthy route toward eradicating hunger in the DC area. More than 30 people came out to Amsterdam Café and Lounge to show their support.

By approaching a typical food drive in a more unique way, Positively Caviar was able to make a deeper impact by sharing messaging, “A healthy mind starts with a healthy diet.” The goal was to combat hunger but also to ensure that by feeding America’s hungry they were being encouraged to live a healthier lifestyle with a healthier diet.

Supporters were able to make food and monetary donations to help reach the goal of combating hunger. Positively Caviar members went a step further the next day by visiting a local grocery store to purchase all healthy options with the monetary donations received.


On Friday, February 23rd Positively Caviar was able to personally fulfill their goal donating over 265+ items to Bread for The City. The mission of this organization is to help Washington, DC residents living with low income to develop the power to determine the future of their own communities. Each month, Bread for the City’s two food pantries provide nutritious groceries to more than 8,400 clients living near the federal poverty line. Food donations included fruits and vegetables proteins, daily, pasta.


Positively Caviar ended Black History Month and National Canned Food Month with a bang through the healthy food donations and positive vibrations that resulted from this food drive. “It was a powerful experience to bring together friends, family, and new supporters for a great cause” Chief Program Officer, Shayma Sulaiman, proclaimed. “I have a strong belief that if you put good into the universe good comes back to you tenfold”.

Help continue to #spreadthePos & change the lives of people within your community. Please visit to find out more about Positively Caviar, Inc. or to find out how you can support their mission.


Positively Caviar, Inc. Partners with Charm City Love for First Ever B.U.I.L.D Self-Empowerment Workshop

Baltimore, MD (March 30, 2017) - On Saturday, March 11th Positively Caviar, Inc. joined forces with Charm City Love, Inc. for a Wellness Weekend at the SAGE Center of Episcopal Housing Corporation in Baltimore, MD. During this time both organizations were able to help families in the Family Recovery Program transform into their healthiest self!

Positively Caviar coordinated the “Kid’s Center” where they had the opportunity to introduce their very first B.U.I.L.D workshop! The mission of B.U.I.L.D (Being Unique Individuals by Learning and Developing) is to promote self-empowerment amongst children and adolescents and assist them in recognizing their character unique traits needed to overcome stress and adversity.

Founder and Chief Creative Optimist, Chazz Scott, touches on the importance of assisting adolescents with fulfilling strong physical and mental health in their daily lives. “You need to take all of your experiences and pass them down to the next generation.” The Nucleus Team members from Positively Caviar, Inc., along with several volunteers held seminars to actively engage students in various activities to promote all of the necessary qualities needed for a healthy, positive and purposeful life.

One of the main objectives of this program is to create a fun, creative, positive environment where children and adolescents can thrive, learn, and apply lifelong positive strategies. Positively Caviar, Inc. has plans of continuing to influence the youth and spread positivity to through upcoming B.U.I.L.D workshops. Please visit to find out more about the Positively Caviar, Inc. B.U.I.L.D workshop and how you can help support their mission.