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Founder of Positively Caviar, Inc. Ranks #2 on the HBCU Top 30 Under 30 2017

HBCU graduates look forward to seeing the annual list of stellar young men and women who have the opportunity to be a part of the HBCU Top 30 Under 30 honors. This list consists of graduates from historically black colleges and universities who are making steps forward and exceeding expectations in various industries including education/academia, science, sports, fashion, journalism, technology, business, community/public service, politics, and entertainment. 

This year, Positively Caviar's very own Founder and CEO, Charles "Chazz" Scott, ranked #2 on this list of phenomenal individuals making strides in their perspective industries. As a published writer, motivational speaker, and an accomplished computer security technologist from Ellicott City, Maryland he continues to make us proud. 

Chazz attended Hampton University and obtained his Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Computer Science. He was then awarded a full ride scholarship by The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and The National Science Foundation (NSF) to pursue his Master of Science (M.S.) in Cybersecurity. Aside to his personal successes in Cybersecurity, finding time to follow his passion of encouraging others to live a positive and purpose driven life under the 501(c)(3) non-profit Positively Caviar, Inc. has been a remarkable experience and powerful journey.

Chazz speaks on the importance of young talented individuals being recognized for their hard work, "It's amazing to see all of your hard work acknowledged. More importantly, I hope this list serves as a catalyst to broaden our important message of positivity and optimism.”

In a world of challenges and adversity, we are thrilled to celebrate all HBCU graduates working toward becoming the leaders of today. Visit HBCUBuzz.com to read more about Chazz's accomplishments and see who else made the list! 


Positively Caviar, Inc. Partners with Charm City Love for First Ever B.U.I.L.D Self-Empowerment Workshop

Baltimore, MD (March 30, 2017) - On Saturday, March 11th Positively Caviar, Inc. joined forces with Charm City Love, Inc. for a Wellness Weekend at the SAGE Center of Episcopal Housing Corporation in Baltimore, MD. During this time both organizations were able to help families in the Family Recovery Program transform into their healthiest self!

Positively Caviar coordinated the “Kid’s Center” where they had the opportunity to introduce their very first B.U.I.L.D workshop! The mission of B.U.I.L.D (Being Unique Individuals by Learning and Developing) is to promote self-empowerment amongst children and adolescents and assist them in recognizing their character unique traits needed to overcome stress and adversity.

Founder and Chief Creative Optimist, Chazz Scott, touches on the importance of assisting adolescents with fulfilling strong physical and mental health in their daily lives. “You need to take all of your experiences and pass them down to the next generation.” The Nucleus Team members from Positively Caviar, Inc., along with several volunteers held seminars to actively engage students in various activities to promote all of the necessary qualities needed for a healthy, positive and purposeful life.

One of the main objectives of this program is to create a fun, creative, positive environment where children and adolescents can thrive, learn, and apply lifelong positive strategies. Positively Caviar, Inc. has plans of continuing to influence the youth and spread positivity to through upcoming B.U.I.L.D workshops. Please visit staybasedandpositive.com to find out more about the Positively Caviar, Inc. B.U.I.L.D workshop and how you can help support their mission.

Power of Care presents Selfless Spotlight featuring Positively Caviar, Inc.

Baltimore, MD (February 27, 2017)- Positively Caviar, Inc. is excited to announce the release of the very first Selfless Spotlight interview with Power of Care.

Power of Care is a platform focusing on growth, change, and highlighting people in the world who embrace caring for themselves and others in the community. Founder, Brianna Dance, reached out to the Positively Caviar team to be highlighted in the very first Selfless Spotlight that focuses individuals, non-profits, and organizations helping toward the betterment of their communities. Throughout this interview, “The Nucleus” or board members of Positively Caviar, Inc. enlightened others on the driving force behind the organization and the importance of living a healthier lifestyle.

Founder and CEO, Chazz Scott, explains the importance of mental strength, “If you don’t have the strength inside of you then you have nothing. If you don’t have the mindset that says hey I can do this, then you have nothing." Nikki Abraham, Chief Marketing Officer, Creative Director and Shayma Sulaiman, Chief Program Officer, Charity Liaison also expressed the importance of positive affirmations and what encourages them to remain positive on a daily basis.

Help continue to #spreadthePos & change the lives of people within your community. Please visit staybasedandpositive.com to find out more about Positively Caviar, Inc. or to find out how you can support their mission.